The Three Domains of Mastery

Mastered separately. Delivered as a whole.
Each of the domains is essential to an exceptional experience.

The equilateral triangle represents the distinct yet interdependent aspects of great facilitation. Mastery of any two without the third just doesn’t cut it. It takes all three to facilitate with excellence.

At Shift, we focus attention and practice skills in each of the Three Domains of Mastery™.

Own the Content – Be credible and knowledgeable; share experience and expertise; know the design and flow; prepare your questions; plan your transitions; value the context and culture; be accountable for the learning outcomes.

Manage the Room – Be thoughtful about preparing the space; make effective use of the available tools; be attuned to the energy in the room; guide the participants’ behaviour; deal with awkward situations graciously.

Animate the Experience – Bring the learning experience to life; engage the participants, get them involved; focus on relevance and keep it practical; share real stories and practice with real examples.

Outstanding facilitators have honed their skills in each of these distinct areas.  Discover what it takes to master all three.

Is it time for your facilitators and trainers to discover their unique path to mastery?

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