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More than just facilitation. We deliver experiences that drive change.

During the delivery of a program or workshop, you can find yourself wondering, “is this really going to change what we do next?” Those moments are why we do what we do. Facilitation is more than just leading a session or teaching new skills—a masterful facilitator creates an experience that helps people unlock what they need next to succeed.


That’s why we love this work. With over 20 years of experience, we live and breathe facilitation, whether we’re at the front of the room leading a workshop or at the back of the room cheering on our students. We take the work of facilitation seriously as a profession, not just a job to be done.


And we’re on a mission. We’re connecting people to each other, to new ideas, or solutions—and making a difference. We’re using our extensive experience and deep expertise in facilitation to help our clients create meaningful change.


The Art of Facilitation: The Big Picture

Understanding What Makes for Exceptional Facilitation
 core offerings

Exceptional Facilitation

Shift Facilitation™ – Train Your People

Training. Leadership. Teams. Collaboration. Strategy. Culture.
Facilitation Skills Training

Bring learning to life for participants and develop the skills, behaviours, and mindset shifts to become a world-class facilitator.

Virtual Skills Training for Leaders & Teams

As the hybrid work world evolves, deepen your remote leadership, communication, and collaboration skills across all delivery platforms.

Virtual Culture & Strategy

Analyze and remove the culture gaps preventing you from achieving your strategy. Use Shift’s Building Blocks of Virtual Culture™ to develop the core elements for your virtual or hybrid environments.

Shift Facilitation™ – Hire Our Facilitators

contract Services. Keynote speakers. retreats. workshops.
Contract Facilitation Services

Engage Shift facilitators to deliver vibrant and dynamic learning experiences. Our team learns your business from the inside out to lead engaging, mission-critical programs.

Keynote Speakers

Invite us to your next off-site meeting or event. Our hands-on, practical sessions are designed to spark creativity, collaboration, and innovation in support of your vision, values, and strategy.

Workshops & Retreats

Partner with Shift to design a customized agenda that solves a challenge, deepens team connections, and steps outside of your day-to-day to inspire new ideas.

Whether virtual or in-person, the Shift team is ready to help you level up!

why shift?

We are fueled by a passion for serving, developing and inspiring the next generation of change agents. Here are five reasons why working with Shift is unique:

We respect facilitation as a profession, not just a skill set.

Exceptional facilitators are experts in learning theory, behaviour change, conflict resolution, unconscious bias... there’s no shortage of elements to learn, practice, and master.

We know great facilitation is art and science.

Creating a transformative learning experience requires scientific analysis, preparation, and skill. There’s also an art to it by having a deep understanding of your audience and the energy you bring to every session to create a memorable experience.

We believe every facilitator can be a catalyst for change.

Our programs and delivery methodologies ensure that new skills are being taught, but it’s much more than that. We’re helping people grow, achieve more in their careers, and reach new levels of success. Great facilitation can be the spark that accelerates growth and makes transformation possible.

We know every session is an opportunity to make a difference.

We’ve been doing this work for decades. And, we’ve kept the excitement of hope and possibility alive. Every session, in even the smallest of moments, can unlock new thinking and possibilities. We’re looking to create these moments in all of our work.

We live and breathe this work as practitioners, not just training trainers.

We are in the classroom at least three days a week. We work closely with our clients to design and deliver. It’s our competitive advantage. We’re on the path to mastery too, stretching and innovating how we deliver outstanding experiences.

Strategy to Delivery

From Strategy to Delivery: Exceptional Facilitation for McCain Foods

case study

Shift is proud to partner with McCain Foods, a global manufacturer of frozen foods with a large portfolio of products, employing more than 22,000 workers worldwide.
Since 2021, Shift has supported the design and virtual delivery of McCain Foods’ Great People Leader (GPL) program. In addition to providing design input to increase participant interactions and engagement, Shift trained a core group of lead facilitators in our Virtual Facilitation Excellence™ program, as well as certified a group of leaders in our Coaching Facilitators™ program. Today, the Shift team of facilitators leads the delivery of both the virtual and in-person GPL programs for the Global team and North American business unit. On an annual basis, our team has a direct impact on the development of more than 200 front-line McCain managers and supervisors.

The Impact of Shift Facilitation

PARTICIPANT experiences







Impact of Shift Facilitation

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