Bring learning to life.

At the heart of every exceptional learning experience is a masterful facilitator,
so that’s where we start.

A facilitator who delivers content, in any environment, with confidence and ease.
A facilitator who transforms learning environments, and makes training fun and engaging.
A facilitator who inspires others and drives results for their organization.

Shift perspectives. Shift possibilities.

Why Shift?

What if every trainer on your team was deeply committed to being a change agent?

At Shift Facilitation, we believe masterful facilitators bring learning to life and are catalysts for professional growth and organizational change.

We work with corporate trainers and teams to help them develop advanced skills. We build confidence in their ability to deliver exceptional learning experiences, in both live and virtual classroom environments.


The Three Domains of Mastery™

Masterful facilitation isn’t just an art; it’s also a science.  It requires a disciplined approach to three equally important domains.

Own the Content.  Manage the Room.  Animate the Experience.

At Shift, these three domains are the foundation upon which all our programs are based.

Shift Services

From disasters to masters. Across industries, skill and experience levels. What Shift clients have in common is a need for better facilitation skills in their organizations. Trainers, technical experts, HR professionals, and project leaders. All benefit from a Shift toward facilitation mastery.

Following are the most requested Shift Facilitation programs.

Foundations in Facilitation

For the technical expert, rookie trainer, or anyone who is called upon to facilitate from time to time. This program covers the basics of exceptional facilitation. Designed to increase participation, engagement levels and buy-in at workshops, brainstorming sessions or project meetings.

The Five Personas

The Five Personas™ is a competency-based assessment tool. It enables any facilitator to understand the natural strengths and potential hazards of their unique style. The outcome is a personalized development plan to maximize effectiveness.

Virtual Excellence

Many organizations today are armed with the technology to host virtual training sessions and meetings, but lack the expertise to effectively facilitate them. This program offers practical tips and techniques to ensure the virtual facilitation experience is as powerful as it would be in person.

Bespoke Programs

Looking to make a Shift in facilitation that isn’t addressed in the above programs? Shift offers tailored programs and services to meet specific needs, including: one-on-one coaching, workshops, roll-out support, and speaking events.

The Shift Team Leader



Founding Partner

As Founding Partner of Shift, Moe is on a mission to have corporate trainers reinvent themselves as change agents and value creators in their organizations.

For over 15 years, he has honed his craft as a facilitator and a designer of training. Moe has a gift for bringing learning to life and motivating others to strive for more.

He is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and an educator. The engineer is purposeful. The entrepreneur is creative. The educator is open. When you meet Moe, you experience a quiet confidence, a humble fierceness, and a generous spirit.

Outside of the classroom, you’ll find Moe playing hockey, training for his next running race, or spending time with his family at their home in Roncesvalles, Toronto.

“Moe is a seasoned facilitator and a mentor. His coaching and feedback have been invaluable; helping me expand my practice in training and facilitation.”

– Brodie Church


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