Virtual Strategy & Culture

Virtual Strategy & Culture Overview

Culture has never been more important. Your people and teams are living through times of ongoing disruption and transformation both at work and home.


In response, your virtual or hybrid culture deserves to be nurtured intentionally and strategically. And, if you feel like you’re navigating uncharted cultural landscapes, you’re not alone. Shift can help.
Virtual Strategy & Culture

Shift Can Help Define Your Virtual Culture

Our Three Steps For Success

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When it comes to designing culture, our first step at Shift is to roll up our sleeves and work alongside your leaders to identify strengths, gaps, and blindspots.

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From there we analyze the clues and insights gathered, validate assumptions, and start prioritizing needs using The Building Blocks of Virtual Culture™ framework.

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In the final phases of this work, we coach your leaders as they prototype and experiment with behaviours and tools that start to shift your culture in purposeful ways.

We can help you re-imagine strong connections, meaningful interactions, and collaboration in a virtual/hybrid reality.

How Does Shift Define Virtual Culture?

Every company and every culture is unique, like a fingerprint. But at the core are basic elements, we call: The Building Blocks of Virtual Culture™

Shift has carefully crafted the following building blocks from our extensive experience of seeing what winning virtual cultures look like:

The Building Blocks of Virtual Culture™

Social connections

Are you building strong relationships?

health & wellness

Are you taking care of your people?

workplace & equipment

Are individuals properly set up for remote work?

software tools

What do you have to work with? How are you using it?

norms & expectations

What behaviours are expected and when?

team processes

How do your teams function?


Are you clear on priorities, goals and roles?

growth & development

Are your people progressing in their roles and toward their goals?

vital signs

How do you check on and assess your virtual culture?

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