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Shift is a team of professionals with 100+ Years of combined experience.
As collaborators, we share a passion for creating value and having a meaningful impact on the people and organizations we serve.
As experts, we have extensive backgrounds in training, coaching, leadership, strategy, change, and innovation.
As consultants, we’ve delivered results for clients across a range of industry sectors ‒ from banking to pharma to telecom.
Relationships are important to us

100+years Combined Experience

Moe Poirier

Founding Partner

Jason Lewis

Sr. Partner

Susan Lynne

Facilitator & coach

Michaud Garneau

Facilitator & coach

Edmond Mellina

Facilitator, Coach & Consultant

Boyan Djefersky

Facilitator & Coach

Coen Tan

Facilitator & Coach

Hélène Bellerose

Facilitator & Coach

Nick Aiello

Facilitator & Coach

Paul Binnendyk

Facilitator & Coach

Sukran Balaban

Facilitator & Coach

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shift insight

Fact: each of us has a natural facilitation style.

The Five Personas™ by Shift Facilitation is a discovery tool that will help unlock greater facilitation skills for both individuals and for collaboration in teams.

Discover Your Potential as a Facilitator

Learn more about The Five Personas™ by Shift Facilitation

Shift Perspectives

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I miss CONNECTING with participants!?

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