Virtual Skills Training for Leaders & Teams

In today’s work world, leaders need virtual connection and collaboration skills to help make 1:1s and teamwork more engaging.

Core virtual skills are now a must have. When applied, these tools and techniques strengthen both relationships and productivity.

Shift gives your leaders and teams a competitive advantage. From meetings, to projects, presentations, and even sales and customer service, we demonstrate what it takes to thrive in a virtual-hybrid world of work.

Social Connections

Play. Fun. Laughter. Bonding time. All done virtually. What if making social connections doesn’t have to be as awkward as we imagine it to be?

Health & Wellness

Zoom fatigue. Blursday. How we take care of ourselves – mentally, physically, emotionally – has taken on increased importance.

Team Meetings

Managing strong remote teams requires extra attention to how we plan and run meetings and group interactions online.

Coaching Connections

Managing strong remote teams requires extra attention and commitment to the discipline of 1:1 conversations.

Building Trust

Trust matters, regardless of whether you work remotely or side by side in an office.

Connecting With Empathy

Now that all of us are spread apart, empathy might be even more valuable and appreciated than ever before.

Shift Perspectives

The Road to Innovation… Goes Through Facilitation

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Foundations in Facilitation, Fresh Thinking, Shift Team, Your Toolkit

For years I have made the assumption that if I teach leaders the methodology (Design Thinking) and tools (Great Questions, User Empathy, Prototyping) they would go off and innovate.

The fishbowl. You know it. The one that leaders live in. The one where a 360 degree view of a leader’s actions is on full display.

That fishbowl has gone virtual without much warning.

Give Your Leaders & Teams the Virtual Skills They Need to Thrive

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