Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats Overview

Highly interactive workshops, retreats, and off-site meetings. Your team is engaged – working through a challenge, solving a problem, brainstorming, and action planning. All done in person or virtually.
Workshops & Retreats

Discover how Shift Facilitation can help you deliver the outcomes you need.

Open agenda

We partner with you to re-imagine what’s possible, help you design the agenda, and then bring it to life.

Defined agenda

If your agenda is already set, let’s talk about how Shift’s expert facilitators can help you ensure your meeting participants are engaged and productive.

Collaboration. Done right.

We’ve delivered 100s of workshops and retreats, and worked with 1,000s of meeting participants. Whether you’re hosting a one-off workshop or a multi-day retreat, the Shift team helps you integrate the best of what the world of in-person and virtual collaboration has to offer.

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