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The Shift Story

Every facilitator has an origin story. Here’s ours.
Over 500 companies. More than 200 unique programs. Applying 25 different leadership models.


From the executive floor to the shop floor. Every group. Every room. Every session. Every activity. All the raised hands. All the discussions. All the lessons learned.


Add it all up. Across the entire Shift team. Across traditional, virtual, hybrid formats. Multiply those lessons 10x.


All of us have served as contract facilitators—working for dozens of training companies. We’ve studied and rehearsed. We’ve been critiqued and certified.


Looking back, we have a lot to be grateful for. We’ve had incredible mentors to guide us. And talented colleagues have taught us their secrets.


We’ve excelled on the path to mastery. Seeking unique experiences. Gathering insights. Applying all that’s been shared with us.


And now, using all of the gifts that we’ve received, we are called to be generous in return.


This is the Shift story. Our origin story.

The Shift Story Sign
The Shift Story Owner
Introducing the Shift FacilitationTM  Team
Shift Insight

Connecting Through Context

Discover how the facilitation of content through context achieves connection with an audience.

The Impact of Shift Facilitation

PARTICIPANT experiences







The Impact of Shift Participant
Shifting to Virtual

Shifting to Virtual: New Virtual Delivery Capacity at Scotiabank

case study
Shift helped Scotiabank, a leading bank in the Americas, move its global leadership development program to a virtual delivery model. Lead facilitators at Scotiabank completed Shift’s Virtual Facilitation Excellence™ program to prepare them for delivering interactive and impactful learning experiences for the bank’s leaders around the world.

A year later, Shift co-developed a competency framework, performance standards, and coaching tools for virtual facilitation to embed the new virtual delivery capabilities into the organization. The result was the creation of Scotiabank’s Virtual Facilitation Competency Framework™, which includes an Observation Worksheet and Coaching Guide as companion tools.

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Shift Perspectives

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