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Program Overview

The Foundations in Facilitation™ program introduces the novice facilitator to the ABCs of facilitation based on the Three Domains of Mastery™Own the Content, Manage the Room, Animate the Experience. Participants acquire new skills and make an important shift in mindset from instructor to facilitator.
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The Benefits of the Program

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As part of this intensive learning experience, the emphasis of the Foundations program is on application. Focused practice allows the complex tasks of a facilitator to become second nature.

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Combining exercises and real-time coaching, Foundations in Facilitation™ is customized to the needs of the individual. Participants value the direct and personalized feedback.

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Subject matter and technical experts learn to shift their energy to the participants and improve engagement. Practical techniques and tools are introduced to increase interaction, participation, and discussion.

Time To Build Your Foundations In FacilitationTM

Helping Rookie Trainers

Helping Rookie Trainers Learn the Basics

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In 2021, Enbridge was preparing to launch a massive new internal software application that would have a significant impact on field operations. A cohort of over one hundred business and process owners were hand-picked to help train thousands of staff. Wisely, the project sponsors decided to offer “basic training for non-trainers” and Shift was selected as a partner. To help the internal business and process owners build their confidence and strengthen a core set of skills, the Foundations in Facilitation™ program was customized to meet Enbridge’s unique needs. The rookie trainers completed a boot-camp style program, with live workshops that were supported by a video-based learning library. Delivered just-in-time to support the rollout, the trainers were able to immediately apply best practices and highly valuable tips, tricks, and tools.

The Impact of Shift Facilitation

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