The Five Personas™

The Five Personas™ Overview

No matter the content. No matter the audience. A masterful facilitator maximizes their strengths using five unique personas. Each persona serves a purpose. They combine to deliver a powerful experience for the participants. Some personas show up naturally, while others require focused effort. Effective facilitation requires recognizing how the personas show up for you and knowing how to strike the ideal balance.
The Sensei
The Drill Sergeant
The Superhero
The Confidant
The Jester

What is a Persona? Here’s your introduction.

How This Tool Is Used

Shift has a number of customizable programs that introduce The Five Personas™, guide the discovery process, and allow participants to create a personalized action plan for ongoing development.

Packages that integrate The Five PersonasTM model include:

In-Depth Programs
Introductory Workshops
Individual Coaching
Keynote sessions

Ready to meet your Personas?

A Look At Each of The Five PersonasTM

Great facilitators aren’t just taking participants through the planned content; they are sharing their own stories and experiences from taking a similar path. They aren’t just a “sage on the stage” but a relatable guide and mentor. As the Sensei, great facilitators help ensure that the session or program isn’t only an impactful learning experience for participants but becomes the start of their personal transformation.
Participants need to know that their facilitator has always got their back: keeping the session on track, ensuring practice tasks are completed correctly, and offering corrections and guidance. It lets them relax by focusing on the learning, instead of worrying whether the session will finish on time or achieve the desired outcomes. The Drill Sergeant also understands how to take participants from entry level steps to mastery and adjusts the activities and pacing to meet the needs of their audience.
The power of the Superhero lies in their ability to set a compelling vision of what’s possible and nurture the development of unique capabilities in each participant to achieve that vision—bringing their own inner superhero to life. Facilitators need to encourage and motivate participants to push beyond their limits and achieve new levels of growth. Our Superhero persona makes sure this is part of their skill set.
In every training session, there can be moments of profound impact and sharing of personal blocks or experiences. Participants need to know from the earliest moments of the session that they’re in a safe space, with someone who understands their world and their work, and who supports them while also holding them accountable to take action. A strong Confidant persona builds trust and creates the strong connections that allow transformational learning experiences to occur.

The Jester is a facilitator who is playful and spontaneous. They understand when levity is required. It might be needed to help the group open up or reset after a difficult topic, to build rapport and connection as the session gets started, or even to help participants put less pressure on themselves as they embark on building new skills. Stepping into the Jester role is often overlooked as a core facilitation skill, but it is critical for successful participant engagement and impact.

The Five PersonasTM Benchmark

The Five Personas Benchmark™ is a competency-based assessment tool designed for trainers, facilitators and experts who want to understand the natural strengths and potential hazards of their unique delivery style.

*This link will go to The Five PersonasTM website by Shift Facilitation

Learn More About The Five PersonasTM

*This link will go to The Five Personaswebsite by Shift Facilitation

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