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Virtual Facilitation ExcellenceTM Overview

The Virtual Facilitation Excellence™ program gives facilitators the practical strategies needed to deliver engaging virtual sessions. Using the principles of the Three Domains of Mastery™Own the Content, Manage the Room, Animate the Experience — facilitators learn best practices, tips, and techniques specific to the virtual environment.
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Virtual Facilitation ExcellenceTM Overview

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The Benefits of the Program

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In the Virtual Facilitation Excellence™ program, facilitators learn to manage various aspects of a virtual classroom including set-up, technology and on-line tools.

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Benefiting from exercises and real-time feedback, Virtual Facilitation Excellence™ is customized to the needs of the individual.

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Focused practice makes the complex tasks of a virtual delivery second nature. Facilitators shift their energy to the participants, becoming more dynamic and engaging.

Time to Achieve Virtual Facilitation ExcellenceTM

Capabilities at CPA Canada

Facilitation Excellence: Building Virtual Capabilities at CPA Canada

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Each year, CPA Canada engages a group of industry professionals who deliver their In-Depth Tax Program (IDTP) to hundreds of tax accountants, lawyers, and consultants. In 2020, CPA Canada partnered with Shift to upskill these subject matter experts and prepare them to facilitate impactful and engaging virtual training experiences. Now, over 250 of the IDTP instructors have been certified through Shift’s Virtual Facilitation Excellence™ program. As an on-going investment in professional development, CPA Canada continues to offer Master Class sessions that deepen specific skillsets and introduce advanced techniques. For example, a “Written Feedback Guide” was developed and introduced for CPA Canada to improve the quality and consistency of how their instructors evaluate case study assignments.

The Impact of Shift Facilitation

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Impact of Shift Facilitation

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