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Keynote Speakers Overview

We are on a mission to help leaders reinvent themselves as change agents and value creators for the people and organizations they serve.
We offer interactive keynotes and breakout sessions that are designed to be delivered as part of the agenda for your upcoming meeting, off-site, summit, or conference.
Our most requested keynotes focus on strategic themes that include collaboration and design thinking.

Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Moe Poirier, Founding Partner

Moe’s an engineer who broke the mold. He’s pragmatic, direct, and results-focused. He’s also got a big heart and delivers with a dynamic, engaging, and interactive style.

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Jason Lewis, Senior Partner

Jason’s creativity is limitless. He’s witty, spontaneous, and undeniably lovable. He’s also whip smart and delivers with a thoughtful, inspiring, and collaborative style.

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Here are Shift’s most requested Keynotes:

Keynotes are interactive and can be delivered in-person or virtually

Design Thinking - Customer Insights

Customers. Empathy. Deep insights. Jason Lewis guides you through core Design Thinking methods and tools with a customer focus.

Design Think your Culture

Strategic change. Transformation. Innovation. Jason shows you how to uncover the bright spots in your culture today and experiment toward new ways of being.

Facilitation is the *NEW* Coaching

Collaboration. Innovation. Teamwork. Solving complex problems. Discover the core leadership skills that are enabling diverse groups of smart people to be effective and productive.

Virtual Collaboration 2.0

Remote, virtual, hybrid teams. The new normal. Explore the skills, tools, and techniques that will enable your leaders to level-up their ability to collaborate virtually.

The right speaker can make all the difference.

Shift has been virtual for over 10 years. We’ve delivered 100s of workshops and retreats, and worked with 1,000s of meeting participants. Whether you’re hosting a one-off workshop or a multi-day retreat, the Shift team helps you integrate the best of what the world of virtual collaboration has to offer.

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