The Shift Philosophy

Facilitation. Inspiration. Possibility.

These core ingredients are the heart and soul of our work at Shift.

As our programs and services evolve to meet the ever-changing requirements of a virtual and hybrid reality, our mission remains constant.

We empower facilitators, leaders, and teams with the tools and skills they need to learn, collaborate, and innovate.

“If you’re looking for virtual excellence, look no further than Shift. I’ve used other vendors in the past for virtual training, but they don’t even compare to the results I saw with Shift in terms of experience, impact, and overall performance of the team.”

Mary Kalkanis, CTDP - Executive Leader, Learning and Development

Meet the Shift Team

Shift is a team of professionals with over 100+ years of combined experience. As collaborators, we share a passion for creating value and having a meaningful impact on the people and organizations we serve. As experts, we have extensive backgrounds in training, coaching, leadership, strategy, change, and innovation. As consultants, we’ve delivered results for clients across a range of industry sectors ‒ from banking to pharma to telecom.

Moe Poirier

Founding Partner

Moe has a gift for bringing learning to life, fostering collaboration, and motivating others to strive for more. For over 20 years, he has honed his craft as a training designer, facilitator, coach, and consultant. He’s an engineer, an entrepreneur and an educator. Moe’s on a mission to have individuals, leaders and teams reinvent themselves as value creators for the people and organizations they serve.

Terrence Eta

Facilitator, Coach, and Consultant

Terrence’s energy is infectious. As a singer and DJ, he has mastered the musical. As an engineer, he has mastered the technical. His corporate work led him to  Accenture working on massive digital transformation projects. His entrepreneurial path led him to founding Toronto Bicycle Tours. The true magic of Terrence, though, is his ability to constantly re-imagine what’s possible.

Jason Lewis

Facilitator, Coach, and Consultant

Jason’s interactive style gets people up on their feet and engaged. He combines a Masters in Leadership, Creativity and Teams with 20 years of management consulting. His highlight reel includes delivering “Design Thinking” sessions for Silicon Valley heavyweights. As founder of The Kinkonauts (improv theatre) it’s no surprise that he inspires leaders to take bigger risks in pursuit of innovation.

Susan Lynne

Facilitator and Coach

Susan has an uncanny ability to create a welcoming atmosphere, put people at ease, and make connections. Spiritually, it’s a gift she’s honed through her work as an Interfaith Minister. Professionally, it’s a gift she shares with others through coaching executives and training leaders on how to be exceptional communicators and presenters. And, “mais oui!” she does it all in French too!

Kathryn Peterson

Facilitator and Coach 

Kathryn’s superpower as a facilitator is her ability to create space for inclusive and productive conversations. Her specialty as a practitioner, published author, and academic is dealing with difficult personalities. Kathryn’s adventures have led her around the world — speaking and facilitating in pursuit of healthier and happier workplaces.“Et bien sûr!”, she does it effortlessly in both French and English.

Michaud Garneau

Facilitator and Coach

Michaud likes to shake things up. He’s no stranger to helping leaders stretch comfortably into uncomfortable situations. And in his work with Weird is Nrml, he’s on a mission to disrupt the conventional norms of leadership. Professionally trained as a clown and with a background in theatre, he has a gift for teaching people how to trust themselves, take bigger risks, and genuinely connect with others.

Edmond Mellina

Facilitator, Coach, and Consultant

Edmond is a champion of ‘nimble’ change and culture shift. As a facilitator, he leads from his corporate experience as an IT executive. In his work with ORCHANGO, his highlight reel includes guiding a massive transformation at a global bank based in the Middle-East. And with all his expertise, he designed the STEP UP!™ simulation to teach others. Oh, and “pas de problème” he’s be more than happy to switch to French if you like!

Tony Koth

Facilitator and Producer

Tony has travelled the world fulfilling the “show must go on” promise. Everything from a global meeting in South Korea to a virtual product launch from a studio in Toronto. With decades of experience and expertise in media and event production, he delivers excellence in both upfront client service and backstage execution. Tony inspires the Shift team to be at our best every time we deliver.

Shift Perspectives

Hey Moe … What’s in your #SHIFTsauce?

by | May 5, 2020 | #SHIFTsauce, Shift Team

Every facilitator has a story. An origin story. Here’s mine. The short version.

I’m French Canadian. A combo of Acadian and Franco-Ontarian roots to be precise. I grew up a suburb kid. A long bus ride from Toronto. So yeah, a small town Canadian boy at heart.

Sweet with Heat… and plenty of Depth?

by | Jun 2, 2016 | #SHIFTsauce, Shift Team

I first met Jason in 2010. We were in Vancouver, learning a program with The Next Institute. Our work was on display. We had a few set pieces to rehearse. The partners were observing and offering us feedback on our deliveries.

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