Facilitation Master Classes

Master Classes are designed for facilitators ready to learn advanced virtual collaboration skills.

Sessions are modular and focus-in on specific techniques and tools.
The classes sharpen highly specialized skill sets. Careful attention is paid to application and practice.

Here are a few examples of Shift’s most requested Master Class sessions:

Giving Clear Instructions

Develop your inner Drill Sergeant
Avoid confusion. Working virtually or in hybrid mode, it’s even more important for facilitators to provide clear, precise instructions on both the task to be completed and the tools to be used.

Sharing Stories & Examples

Develop your inner Jester
Engage the audience. Telling stories and using examples is a powerful way to connect, bring content to life, create relevance, get buy-in, and inspire others to take action.

Leading Effective Debriefs

Develop your inner Confidant
Deliver value. In workshops, meetings, and break-outs, a virtual facilitator must master the tools and techniques that help guide productive discussions and capture valuable outcomes.

Presenting Models & Data 

Develop your inner Sensei
Clarify purpose. Start with why your audience should care. Prioritize and sequence the most important facts. Remember that emotion, more than logic, is often what drives action.

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