Facilitation Models & Tools

At Shift, we practice what we preach. Every session we facilitate is like a lab.
And we’re constantly innovating in the pursuit of excellence.

Interested in learning more about the models and tools we’ve developed?
Here’s a quick overview … and some links to more detail if your curiosity is piqued!

Three Domains of Mastery™

The Three Domains of Mastery™ model introduces the essential practice areas that every facilitator must develop and strengthen on the path to mastery – Own the Content, Manage the Room, Animate the Experience.

Virtual Facilitation Competency Framework™

Consistency. Continuity. Coaching. Feedback.  The Virtual Facilitation Competency Framework™ sets clear performance standards and accelerates growth and development.

Five Personas™

The Five Personas Benchmark™ is a competency-based assessment tool designed for trainers, facilitators and experts who want to understand the natural strengths and potential hazards of their unique style.

Curious to learn more about the models we’ve developed?

Let’s talk about tools. Reach out anytime.

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