Foundations in Facilitation

Success requires a Shift in Mindset

Being a subject matter expert doesn’t prepare someone to lead a workshop or facilitate a project meeting. Success requires a Shift in mindset from expert/trainer to guide/facilitator.

Learn the Foundations of Facilitation™, explore Virtual Excellence™or discover The Five Personas™

Foundations in Facilitation™ introduces the novice facilitator to the ABC’s of facilitation based on the Three Domains of Mastery™ model — Own the Content, Manage the Room and Animate the Experience.

An intensive one-day program, the emphasis of Foundations is on application and practice. Using practical techniques and tools to increase interaction, participation and discussion. Participants benefit from direct, personalized feedback.

Topics include discovering facilitation styles and strengths using the Five Personas Benchmark™ tool, using voice and body language, directing activities, leading discussions and debriefs, managing process, and handling awkward situations.

As a result of the Foundations program, facilitators are better equipped to:

Practice and experiment with a broader set of facilitation tools and techniques
Heighten engagement levels in their sessions
Seek feedback and continue to advance on their path to mastery in facilitation

“Wherever your facilitation skills are, Shift will build and extend your current range. I’m a seasoned facilitator and even as an observer, I got a lot out of the program.”

Francine Piche, MBA, CPCC, ACC

Director, HR - Learning, Leadership and Talent Development , Siemens Canada Limited

Are your SMEs and Technical Specialists ready to take their facilitation game to the next level?

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