Team Bio

Boyan Djefersky
Facilitator & Coach
Boyan is both a social butterfly and deeply introspective. His superpowers include his ability to connect with others in a heartbeat and create psychologically safe and highly engaging learning sessions that inspire his participants to bring the very best in themselves. For almost a decade, he has developed his skills as a training designer, facilitator, coach, and consultant. He is a musician, an athlete, and an educator. Boyan is on a mission to guide his participants through transformative learning experiences resulting in powerful insights and committed action steps (in both French & English!).

Boyan’s Insights:

More than just a facilitator, here are some fun facts:
I have a passion for competitive running. I’ve completed a marathon, half Iron Man and I’m on my way to completing a full Iron Man.
I played the viola at OSI Montreal in the symphonic orchestra.
I believe daily habits drive success: “You are the result of your daily thoughts and actions.”
I’ve been a public speaking mentor and coach with Toastmasters, helping people work through one of their biggest fears.
My motto: “nothing is impossible.”

Boyan’s Facilitator Story:

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and moved to Montreal, Canada when I was 4 years old. Growing up, I played every sport I could, from soccer, basketball, skiing and even ping pong. I also had a passion for music, playing the viola and performing from a young age. In high school, I was onstage as part of the musical theatre group.

I started to pursue a career in facilitation after working in banquets at a hotel and seeing the flip charts, videos, and great facilitation in action. After completing my Bachelor’s in business administration from Concordia, I started learning about the craft through training programs from Dale Carnegie, Toastmasters, and UQAM.

My natural facilitator strength is as a Confidant. I am known to be a deep listener, giving my participants space to reflect. When I ask a question, I’m genuinely curious and really want to know the answer.

My second facilitator strength is as a Superhero. I believe in the capacity of others to grow and become a better version of themselves. In my sessions, you can find me tactfully challenging participants to stretch beyond their comfort zone, because that’s where real growth happens.