Team Bio

Nick Aiello
Facilitator & Coach
Nick is an experienced facilitator who brings his background in theatre, comedy, and improv to create dynamic and meaningful experiences for his participants. Nick trained in theatre at Brock University and later at Humber College. He’s too humble to tell you he performed live on the “Juste pour Rire” stage in Montreal. It’s also a well-kept secret that he’s a certified beer sommelier and always knows the perfect pairing. As a gifted facilitator, Nick’s energy and empathy have led to long standing relationships with several large Canadian hospitality and manufacturing companies.

Nick’s Insights:

More than just a facilitator, here are some fun facts:
I’m beyond-the-moon excited to be a new dad.
I love travel and aspire to visit over 50 countries. (I still have a long way to go!)
I once co-owned the Guinness World Record for largest Christmas Stocking, which briefly overshadowed my “prince” pageant win at my Nana’s Italian club when I was 8.
I see facilitation as a live art form, similar to a theatre performance, comedy show, or concert.
My motto: “a lesson taught with humour is a lesson retained.”

Nick’s Facilitator Story:

I grew up as an only child, so friends and family were (and still are) extremely important to me. I had the performance bug at a young age, including an early role as Santa’s mall ambassador. Early on, I could see how people became transformed by live theatre experiences.

I earned my Honours BA in Drama in Education from Brock University and a diploma in Comedy Writing and Performance from Humber College. I use my performance background to create a dynamic and enthusiastic delivery style that captivates both in-person and virtual audiences and ensures maximum engagement. While fun is an integral part of my learning style, people leave my sessions transformed and equipped to be the best version of themselves.

Since joining Shift in 2021, I have delivered programs in leadership, coaching and virtual facilitation excellence. One of my greatest passions is creating connections with people and clients.

Facilitation to me is the sweet spot where learning, training, and performance collide. Going to school for theatre and comedy performance and writing has given me the ability to talk to anyone or any group of people with confidence.

Comedy, and especially improv, is about agility, allowing me to pivot and adapt to meet the needs of my group, and I love seeing the impact on my audience as they achieve more than they imagined could be possible.