The Five Personas

Leverage your Natural Strengths

No matter the content. No matter the audience.
A masterful facilitator maximizes the strengths of five unique personas.

Each persona serves a purpose.
They combine to deliver a powerful experience for the participants.

The Five Personas Online Assessment

Drill Sergeant

The Five Personas Benchmark™ is a competency-based assessment tool designed for trainers, facilitators and
experts who want to understand the natural strengths and potential hazards of their unique style.

Shift has a number of customizable programs that introduce the Five Personas, facilitate the discovery process, and allow participants to create a personalized action plan for ongoing development.

Packages available that integrate the Five Personas model include:

Keynote Presentations
Introductory Workshops
In-Depth Programs
Individual Coaching

Shift Perspectives

No Laughing Matter

by | Feb 8, 2019 | The Five Personas, Your Toolkit

Facilitation can be serious business. Sometimes, too serious.

Scientific research has proven that having fun increases learning effectiveness and memory retention. Yet, our research shows that, of The Five Personas™ of facilitation — Sensei, Superhero, Confidant, Drill Sergeant and Jester — the one that shows up least in facilitators is the Jester.

A Chance Introduction to The Five Personas™

by | Feb 8, 2019 | The Five Personas, Your Toolkit

Enhancing Learning & Development

At the I4PL Conference in November 2018, we offered a free preview of The Five Personas Benchmark™ to everyone who attended the Shift session. Our contest winner was Monica. She’s an L&D leader from Allstate Insurance.

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