Team Bio

Paul Binnendyk
Facilitator & Coach
Paul is a seasoned facilitator who has worked across multiple industries and with a prestige list of companies. He started out in sales, not just as a job but as a craft that he could coach others to improve over time. Paul excels at creating great learning experiences where participants are able to think differently about a topic and immediately begin to practice what they’ve learned.

Paul’s Insights:

More than just a facilitator, here are some fun facts:
I grew up in Vancouver, playing soccer and playing in the woods.
I minored in euchre at university. (Just kidding, although it felt like it. I minored in English.)
I played varsity football in university. While I was small and slow (not ideal), being fearless was my advantage.
I’m 2 chapters away from finishing my first novel, which I describe as dystopian humour. Watch this space.
I’m a proud dad of two awesome boys---both at university, and each with their own personalities and talents. They make me smile.

Paul’s Facilitator Story:

As a Canadian kid, I was lucky to grow up on the west coast in Vancouver and later moved to central Canada in Mississauga, Ontario. I played sports and loved to read. I majored in Economics at the University of Toronto and played offense for the university’s varsity football team.

My first career was in sales and I was fortunate to have employers that invested in quality sales training. There are several “aha” moments that stand out, and the single thread that connects them all is the level of engagement and energy that each facilitator created during the experience. Each had a different style, and all were inspiring. I wanted to be a facilitator the first time I saw it being done well, and every time after that.

I spent the first twenty years of my career in sales, working in several different industries. I’ve always enjoyed selling, not just as a career, but as a skill, or craft, that could be improved with individual effort, and some great coaching.

Over time, this mindset shifted my focus toward people development and management, roles that both broadened my interest in training, and inspired my career shift into full time facilitation. I’ve spent my work life thinking about sales and selling skills, and I bring that passion and interest into the room every day.