Team Bio

Sukran Balaban
Facilitator & Coach
Sukran combines a creative spirit with an analytical mind and natural curiosity in her work as a learning consultant, instructional designer, and facilitator. These different fields of experience allow her to bring an integrated perspective to the table. On client projects, she is known for applying her rich interdisciplinary experiences to simplify complexity and transform theory into practical applications. She has over 15 years of experience in creating end-to-end learning solutions. She has facilitated in-person and virtual programs for a wide range of industries and has provided customized learning solutions to improve performance and empower people to enhance their potential. Her focus is soft skills development, competency assessment, and instructional design for adult learners.

Sukran’s Insights:

More than just a facilitator, here are some fun facts:
I spent my early childhood in a small village with the privilege of running after the bees and eating everything from our garden.
I was known for a frustrating amount of asking “Who? What? How?” when I was a toddler.
As a child, I loved inventing games to play with my little sister.
I have studied an eclectic combination of engineering, psychology and culinary arts.
I come from a family of engineers so my father insisted I become one, but I was always more interested in artistic and social fields.

Sukran’s Facilitator Story:

My childhood was spent exploring, playing games, and creating new adventures. It’s no wonder I ignored my family’s wishes for me to work as an engineer and instead, dive into the world of facilitation.

After completing my education as a geological/geophysical engineer at Istanbul Technical University, I completed coursework in management and industrial psychology at Marmara University. I have a certificate in adult education from Seneca College in Toronto.

In my first job at an international bank after university, I was sent to communications training. It was the first time I was participating in a training program that was not a lecture and not related to a school curriculum. And it was about personal development. I was fascinated with the fact that somebody was guiding us with questions and we were using our own experience to learn. After that, I was hooked on facilitation and I wanted to help people with their learning.

My mission is to help people grow by creating an environment to share experiences and learn from each other.