Virtual Facilitation Competency Framework™

Supporting the consistent delivery of high quality virtual learning experiences.

Defining the gold standard for virtual facilitation. Establishing clear expectations for performance.

The Virtual Facilitation Competency Framework has been designed, tested, and implemented for clients large and small.

It’s development was sparked by the following question, posed to us by the leader of a an internal training team at a global financial services company:

“How might we consistently deliver richly textured, interactive learning experiences in a virtual classroom?”

In response, our team at Shift developed the following suite of tools:


1. Competencies and Performance Standards

2. Observation Worksheet

3. Coaching Handbook


As a package, the framework directly supports the following activities:

  • Communicating a clear set of internal expectations and standards
  • Observing live and recorded virtual sessions
  • Providing relevant developmental feedback
  • Supporting both manager and peer coaching conversations
  • Monitoring and managing performance
  • On-boarding new facilitators
  • Complementing train-the-trainer programs



Establish clear expectations for your virtual facilitators.

Reach out. Let’s talk about establishing a competency framework.

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